Drop Ceiling Tiles!


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Drop ceiling tiles are attached either to an existing grid or if you have the interlocking type they are attached to furring strips. Staples, nails, either with or without adhesive, or adhesives alone are used to secure the tiles.

Often tiles will show the effects of water damage. To conceal stains or streaks in tiles, apply a primer or clear sealer. When the tiles are dry, you can paint them with latex paint.


If a stain is small enough and light enough you can use Clorox in a spritzer bottle and mist the area until damp and let dry.

Caution: Always wear eye protection as Clorox is harmful to the naked eye!

Damaged Tile:

Cut through all four joints of the damage tile and use a pry bar to remove it. Remove the remaining staples or nails and scrape adhesive off with a putty knife. Now cut the tongue from one edge of the new tile using a utility knife using a straight edge for the cut. Re-apply the adhesive and slip the tongue into the adjacent tile's groove and brace until dry. Thats it!

Got to ceiling / hanging!

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