Squeaky Steps!


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Squeaky steps can be a nuisance especially at night. Simple repairs include squirting powdered or liquid graphite between boards or dusting cracks between boards with talcum powder. Floor oil applied sparingly to the floor cracks or a few drops of mineral oil between boards. (Use mineral oil sparingly: too much can stain the surface of the floor. Follow the steps below!


Resetting the board itself so that it is down on the stair can be done with a rubber mallet by lightly tapping it side to side and back to front. Once solid you can re-set the existing nails with a nail set. Coat glazier's points with graphite and hammer them between boards. Sink the points well using a hammer and the edge of a putty knife. Next, drill angled pilot holes through the board, into the sub floor and into a joist. Drive in nails. Countersink and fill.If you have access to be able to work from underneath the floor or stairs, tap a shim into the gap between a joist and the sub floor. Don't force it as it will widen the gap. Drill holes slightly smaller than screw threads. Install washers and wood screws (1/4 inch shorter than total floor thickness.) Finally, mount a cleat against a joist under loose boards. Prop and tap so the cleat is snug against the sub floor and nail to the joist.

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