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Removing the door:

First, lift a bottom-supported sliding door straight up to clear the track and pull the bottom of the lower part of the door outward. You may need a helper to help you hold the door by standing on each side as you both lift.A top-hung sliding door is also lifted straight up and angled out to lift the rollers out of the track. Some top-hung doors have notches on the track that you must align with the rollers before you can lift the door out.

With a pocket door, you must remove both stops from the head jamb and one side jamb stop to allow the door to swing out. To remove, pull the bottom out, and then lift it up.


Use a hammer and wood block to straighten a bent metal track and replace a badly bent or broken track. The door must be removed for this procedure.If the door binds during movement, check the alignment of the guide and reposition the guide so the door doesn't catch on it. Adjust the roller height at both ends if it is dragging until the door is correctly aligned. If these rollers are bent or broken they can be replaced with new parts from you local hardware store.

Finally lightly lubricate all the moving parts with graphite or machine oil to keep them in good working order.

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