Winter Proofing your Roof!


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Check all roof gutters and make sure they’re clean. You may want to consider installing a gutter guard or leaf covers if your home has trees close by. This will also help keep ice from building up inside the gutter as the extra weight can tear them down so make sure your gutters are securely fastened.

If you have a flat roof with drains, make sure the drains are carrying the water away quickly and the screens are clean also. Check the mortar and brick on your chimneys and if needed call a mason to make any repairs and checks. Flashing is the metal pieces used to waterproof interruptions such as pipes, chimneys, skylights, etc. If you suspect a leak and are unsure about how to fix it, call a contractor. Snow leaks can wreak havoc on a house’s interior during the winter as water damage is the worst on a homes structure!

Check all areas of caulking. Touch up any suspected deficiencies. If it is dried out then it is best to remove it completely and replace with new!

Snow removal:

First do not use a snow-blower as they are dangerous and can also do major damage and make matters worse. If you need to remove snow with a shovel or similar tool, be careful that you don’t damage the materials. You must start facing towards the edge of the roof and only push the shovel towards the edge so as not to catch the lower edges of the shingles. (No golf shoes please) :)

Heat tape works but be careful and buy a high quality product as heat tapes have been known to catch fire and burn down houses. Also be careful about how you install it. You don’t want holes causing leaks and water damage.


Roof work can be very dangerous and if you are not capable to do the repairs you need, please consult a local professional! Go to roof / maintenence!

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