Building a custom dune buggy design is a rewarding experience!


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There is a new project underway and its a simple type build (If there is such a thing) where you don't need a tubing bender to build this one!!! It only has two bends in it and I had the tubing supplier bend them for me when I picked up the tubing. I could have made this part with straight tubing also had I thought about it more. Check it out here:


Announcement: Due to the lack of support and donations to help me keep this site going, I have set up a link to now sell plans for $29.95. This includes drawings, photos and a lot of personal info of what to do and not do. You won't be disappointed !!! Click the link below to get started on your new Dune Buggy. This is an internet download straight to your computer!
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Dune buggy! You've always wanted one and now you've made the decision to start building it. Lets see. What do you need to get started? Hmm! Welder, tube bender, mild steel tubing, garage. Arrg!! Don't worry. We will give you the basic process, suggestions and what you will need to help you get your project going and in the right direction! Your budget will be the determining factor as to how you complete your project and what tools and materials willbe needed for each step.

First, to do this project you will need a place to work. I.E. garage, shop or a covered area to protect your work. An organized work area is a good first step in any project! You will save many hours of build time if you know where your tools and materials are when you need them. Less build time = more play time!:) Once this important step is done, we move on to thetools and equipment. Basic tools are needed for any project. We suggest a minimum of usable screw drivers, wrenches, socket sets, C-clamps, vice grips, 3/8 electric drill, a set of sharp drill bits, hack saw, small hand grinder, saws-all, bench vise Etc. Take inventory of what you have and go from there. A lot of times you will see that you can repair and use what you already have! And don't forget about those people who you can borrow from as well as rent things you may only need for a short period of time for example. Find someone who can do the welding for you after you have prepared the parts. Minimum time for him and less cost for you!:}

This will give you an idea of what is involved to get started. Order your plans today and get started!!!!!!!!

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