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As time goes by your wallpaper ages and small problems may develop. You may find loose edges, tears, bubbles or other damage. All of these are easily repaired. When making a repair you must use lap and seam adhesive to hold the repair in place. A seam roller will help you press it smoothly to the wall to make the repair permanent.


First you need to moisten the area to be repaired and carefully raise it away from the wall. Then, apply a thin, even layer of adhesive to the back of the paper. Now you press the it back in place. Using a sponge wipe off any excess adhesive, taking care not to soak the paper to much. This will loosen the adhesive behind the paper.

Pattern matching:

Repairing wallpaper that has a pattern is a matter of making a section of new paper that will cover the problem area. Cut this piece out as square and straight as you can. Align the replacement patch so the pattern exactly matches the pattern on the damaged section. Next, attach the patch to the wall with masking tape or tacks. Cut through both the patch and the wallpaper about a ΒΌ inch from the edge all the way around simultaneously using a utility knife and steel straight edge. The patch is removed and set aside. Now wet the old scored wallpaper with a wet sponge and peel it off the wall. Scrape off scraps and adhesive with a putty knife and clean the wall and let it dry. Apply a thin layer of adhesive to the back of the patch and position the patch carefully in the new opening and smooth it with a clean, damp cloth or a seam roller. Wipe off all excess adhesive.

Cleaning tips:

Test the wallpaper before washing to make sure it really is washable. To remove dirt, grease and stains, thoroughly sponge the soiled area with a solution of mild soap and cold water. Rinse with clear, cold water. Wipe dry with a clean, absorbent cloth. Care must be taken not to wet the paper too much as it can loosen the paper and or smear and tear it as you wipe it down.
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