Sandbox building 101!


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Building a kids sandbox couldn’t be any easier to do. Few things exercise a child's imagination liked a sand box, and this project is as easy to build as it is fun for your children to play into play in!

First, you begin by selecting a proper location for the box. Ideally it will be in a shaded area for protection from sunburns for those long play days. Stake out and excavate the play area according to the dimensions shown in the illustration. Border the area with 2" x 6" treated edging. If desired, lay 1" to 2" gravel base to improve drainage; this is especially important in wet locations.

Next, use 5/8" exterior-grade plywood and 2" x 2" wood and cleats to construct the sand box frame according to the dimensions shown in the illustration. Border the frame with 1" x 3" trim treated lumber.

Fill the box with play sand. Spread a 1" to 2" layer of all purpose sand leveled over the ground surrounding the sandbox. Tamp the surface smooth and then lay the bricks in a rowlock fashion over the entire area. Next, sweep the all purpose sand into the cracks between the bricks. After removing any excess sand from the surface, wet it down with a very fine spray being careful not to allow any pools of water to form.

Materials needed:

Play Sand

All-Purpose Sand

2" x 6" treated edge boards

1" x 3" treated trim boards

2"x 2" treated wood and cleats

5/8" exterior-grade treated plywood

Coated exterior nails or galvanized wood screws

Tamper (can be made from scrap wood formed into a T)

Bricks Go to Sandbox / fencing

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