Lockset Problems!


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A Lock set can be problematic for the homeowner but you can follow our free how to tips for some quick fixes.

For a gummed up or dirty mechanism graphite can be shot into the mechanism key way or spray light penetrating oil or silicone into the lock set.If your problem is a sticky key or it won’t insert easily, use an electronics cleaning spray into the key way and let dry. Then insert graphite or light machine oil into the opening as well as the key and then insert the key and rotate it left and right to spread the lubricant in the tumblers for a smooth action.

Frozen locks in the winter time can be fixed by removing excess ice from the opening and hold the key with a set of pliers and carefully heat the key with a match or lighter. Insert key in lock and work gently until ice melts.

If you have broken a key off in the lock set you can remove the broken key with thin, stiff hooked wire or with blade of a coping saw. If this doesn't work, you will have to remove lock cylinder and push key fragment out from other side. If it won’t come out the cylinder needs to be replaced.

Latch problems can be fixed in many ways. If the door is loose on its hinges or otherwise misaligned you can correct the problem by tightening the hinges and re-align the bolt and strike plate. Check the latch bolt to see if it is extending fully into the strike plate hole and if it is aligned with the hole in the strike plate.

Lock problems:

If the key won’t turn in the lock set check the face plate for loose. It may only need tightening. Also if it’s a new made key it may be need to be re done for a proper fit. Finally the inside of the cylinder may be worn out and will have to be replaced. If the key turns but wont operate the lock, the cylinder is broken and will need to be replaced.

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