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Maintenance of your storm door is the same as window screens. The hinges need to be kept oiled, tight, and also lubricate the storm door closers once a year. Inspect the latches to see that they work well. Replace any hardware, glass, or screens as necessary. In addition, replace the clips holding the screens and glass in place if they become bent, broken, or lost. Keep your doors clean by washing them inside and out with common soap and water with a scrub brush to help keep the debris and dirt out of the working parts of the door as well as keeping the screen open for air flow.

You can find replacement parts usually at building supply centers and hardware stores. Because each manufacturer's hardware may be slightly different, be sure the replacement part will fit your particular door.


Remove the bad or broken parts and take them with you so you can match them up exactly to avoid extra trips back to the store!


All storm and screen doors come with a door closer pressure cylinder with a simple chain-linked snubber. This unit ensures that the door closes smoothly and protects the door from being opened too wide or with too much force. The chain should be adjusted so it stops the door from over extending the cylinder when fully opened. The cylinder has an adjustment on the end that you can set so the door closes slowly during the last 5 inches of travel to the latch. Once you have completed these steps your door should operate as it was designed.

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